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Main Components of Labor Insurance Shoes

Update time:2019-04-30 09:04:45

1. Polyurethane is A kind of organic polymer materials, by A, B, C polyester development and become, generally divided into oil and water two kinds. It is often used in the manufacture of labor insurance shoes, high grade leather shoes and sneakers. This sole is characterized by low density, texture soft, super good abrasion resistance, hardness is higher, also has good oil resistance, acid resistance, alkali resistance, good low temperature resistance, shock absorption, prevent slippery performance.

2. The TPU is by the macromolecular polyol, diisocyanate and extender chain of polymer materials together. TPU bottom features a excellent abrasion resistance, oil resistance, and the soles, high strength, wear resistance. Use for a long time are not sole wouldn't have larger wear damage.

3. EVA is a kind of plastic material by ethylene (E) and vinyl acetate (VA). Which of the two chemicals ratio can be adjusted according to the need to sample. The composition of VA, the more the higher the transparency. The characteristics of the EVA bottom is light, flexible, elastic are extremely good, easy to clean, and its color is strong.

4. Rubber is generally divided into natural rubber and synthetic rubber, rubber is a macromolecule compound. The characteristics of the rubber soles is a very good elasticity, not easily broken, acid and alkali resistant, skid resistance is relatively good. In addition, the contractility of rubber soles, water proofing property is good.

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