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Why choose labor insurance shoes

Update time:2019-04-30 09:04:50

Why do you want to wear safety shoes? Hanging from the ground when the tower crane will be 30 kilograms of 30 cm, hook steel rope buckle drop suddenly, the weight is pressed on the two migrant workers left foot, lead to migrant workers wear rubber shoes. Three toes on his left foot is crushed into pieces of fracture, and the other migrant workers did not suffer any damage due to wearing protective shoes. After, the migrant workers said: "it is this pair of safety shoes saved my feet."

Even so, some of some companies still do not know much about the protection of the safety shoes, they don't want to wear safety shoes during construction. Some people think the style of safety shoes not beautiful, wear on the foot is not good; Second is safety shoes more heavy, the sole is very hard, no other shoes on feet, convenient and flexible. The understanding of this kind of mistake is a kind of do not value their own security.

Everyone has a beautiful heart. But, in the construction engineering, regardless of its own security, responsible for its own security is irresponsible. Although the appearance of the safety shoes as well as in the mall to buy shoes, but the role of it in terms of personal safety protection to be reckoned with.

Safety work shoes head heavy steel head, strong compressive performance. Even if the heavy pressure on the shoes, steel head will not deformation, will not damage the front of the feet and toes. The bottom of the safety shoes with non-slip texture, while walking or on the floor of the smooth work not wrestling. Bottom is steel plate to prevent puncture. Safety shoes also have anti-static, acid and alkali resistance and other special functions.

People often say that security is not only pay attention to it. This is often do, what can be done? But I want to tell you is that when people don't care, injury often occur. Go deep into the scene, the biggest feeling is responsible for himself and his family.

Before enter the site, we must ensure that Labour insurance in place, and must wear safety shoes and helmet. Everyone has a beautiful heart, from inside to outside, stupid and heavy safety work shoes, sometimes wearing their own light shoes to work. But there was a lot of dangerous we don't notice. No matter where you go to the warehouse or site, remember to wear safety shoes.

Safe production of labor insurance shoes wholesale manufacturer to remind you that don't have any small problems, must finish all the work without compromise. Otherwise, the omission will open the door for the accident.