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What is a cold sticky shoes?

Update time:2019-04-30 09:04:48

Said shoes, in addition to what kind of men's shoes, women's shoes, sports shoes, casual shoes, cloth shoes outside the rule of thirds, for professionals, more main points method is injection shoes and cold glue. Common scale shoe-making techniques are cemented shoes, injection shoes and vulcanized shoes, sports shoes is cemented shoes.

Cold cold sticky shoes using adhesive sticky shoes.

What is cemented shoes: 1. The cold glue is hand-made shoes, we usually say the Italian and Spanish those famous brand shoes belong to this class.

2. General need cold sticky lines processing (excluding family workshops), cold sticky soles are generally provided by dedicated to playing the sole factory, if they are not the sole mould, the need to open another mold. Manufacturers have cold glue factory and plastic factory, can in order to meet different market needs.

3. It is the vamp use plastic here and sole together with glue.

4. Advantages: fine workmanship, it is better to make shoes.

5. Disadvantages: daily output is small, the price is higher, generally more than suitable for medium-sized factory to form scale.

What is a cold sticky shoes, what are the characteristics of cold sticky shoes?

Cold sticky shoes process mainly is divided into two parts:

One is in preparation, including the fabric cutting and sewing uppers, with the bottom of the mould and the bottom and the insole production;

Second, after the period of forming, is the end of the upper and sole/shoes/insole shape into a finished product assembly, the first in the upper foot and bottom brush glue to the oven heating, the upper set of shoe last in the bottom to help foot machine pressure, heat setting to help foot and bottom handle, brush glue to stick the bottom - pressing - frozen, last removing - finishing put insoles wearing his shoes - labeling to inspection, packaging.

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